Being – Thenali soman : Fear of everything

Quite funny if you have seen the movie Thenali, in which the hero(kamalhasan) has fears of all the things. seems to be funny throughout the film but in real that’s quite… the deadliest of all.

I believe everyone in life on one specific period or the other would have underwent this stage. Me too some time back under went the same phase. Me working on behalf of a reputed company have some responsibilities to be taken care of. By the period i wasn’t pretty confidant in doing things. I was doing thigs as way it went. I know I’m a potential person in doing things and I have my distinct style of doing it.But on that specific period i haven’t found my style nor a clue of what was missing in me. I was the same like him I’m feared

Being alone
To choose between things
To do higher studies
To take a switchover for a new job
To speak freely with others without any hesitation
To get mingle easily with others
To have the desired food that i need
To have the desired cloth I need
To see the movie of my choice

All the above may be the ignorance of not taking steps towards it. Ya, somewhat true but still I have a real fear of those things everything i choose to have that in my mind i used to think a lot about it and have a premeditated calculation of those things and will say that this things will work and this will not. I will cleanly discard all the elements which wont work. While coming to the elements which work, I will again do a calculation whether its the really needed one…. By the time those elements would have gone out of reach from my hands or would not be required at the moment i realize.

Isn’t this a fear to choose.

Ya I know nevertheless its going to be solved/changed unless or otherwise i have the will to do so. Thanks to my friends who really read my situation well and helped me is overcoming this.

Now when ever i got to see this movies i used to laugh a lot!;;:)

Hey!!! Lemme share a secret to you.. (on seeing this movie i used to laugh a lot not only by the humor of the movie but at me too.).

So,….. I’m Thenali soman The naa li reee

Thenali soman

(Mouse over above the linked text to hear the song)


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