GB&a. This the new guitar which i have bought yesterday. huh.. that’s a very long story to buy a guitar. I’m really very fond of hearing music especially the string ones. I precisely don’t know when it started but by time i got greater affinity towards the string instruments especially the Guitar.

Pardes, yes the Hindi movie starring SRK. In that movie he plays a guitar in the song (Do dil mil rahe hai… Magar chupke chupke..). leter the most impressive is the chords played in desperado- El mariachi. there are many more like these..Tare zameen par,Corrs Instrumentals, recently Janne tu ya jaane na. Some of the classics will from ilayaraja.. (raaja raja cholan naan… panivizhum malar vanam..

Ilaya nila pozhikirathe. Just a sample…

… ) and many more…

For the past few months I was very keen in buying a guitar. So I surfed a lot abt it. I asked few of my friends and they poured with suggestions and even sometimes the guitar itself. Thanks for one and all.

Well, I have started my journey in life. Lemme explore it and discover a lot. 😉


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