mella mella ennai thottu

mella mella ennai thottu
manmadhan un vElaiyai kaattu O un pattu
aadu O vanthaadu ………..

And thus the lyrics goes like this

Mella Mella Ennai Thottu
Mella Mella Ennai Thottu

Sexy isn’t it. That is one of the favorite of mine and one of the golden hits of Ilayaraaja…

Music: IlayaRaaja
Singer: P. Susheela and Rajseetharaman.

That was a gloomy day expecting a down pour in Chennai. Me and my friend went out to buy a new cell phone for him. As expected we found one good model for him and purchased it too…. :). I was checking his mobile for the options that was in the handset. I just tuned the FM radio stations and the output. To my surprise it was this song that was playing. I heard only the final music of this song, which started with violin music with a subtle guitar beat in the BG 🙂 and then ends with

lala ho lalala
lala ho lalala
lala ho lalala…….

It was so inspiring by the time i wanted to know the movie name and the song lyrics but unfortunately neither me nor my friend knew by that time. We went on humming the song all the day. To my despair i went to search in Google, but how? I neither knew that song lyrics. The only thing I know is the music. Then i came to know the drawback of Google. It doesn’t support voice related search. 🙂 :).

On the next day, I went to my office and shared the things happened. To my surprise one of my friend found the lyrics of this song in the above URL only with combination of the keyword

lala ho lala
lala ho lalala
lala ho lalala……. Wow he is an amazing Google surfer….

The next episode opened with searching and downloading for the song. I searched a lot in my office( app-appa velayum paathomla ;)…) and came to list a few URLs which is blocked by our proxy. So I decided to send those list to my personal mail and then did a search my room. But all were in vain.. Heavy heatedly I went to sleep.

The next day I heard the song playing. Is it a dream or mana brandy… I woke up surprisingly and found the song playing in my comp. My roommate with whom I went to buy cellphone has surfed a lot and took this song.

Thumbs up for the two Surfers.

And so here you go..
mella mella ennai thottu


23 thoughts on “mella mella ennai thottu”

  1. dude, this one is a cool song..
    realy liked it. i jus first heard it in SARVAM comes as a BG in tat muvi. from tat onwards i started searin it n got it in youtube n this is my ring tone now 😉

    n ur link seems 2b broken, so u can update it with this..

  2. Thanks for making this rare song “mella mella – Vaazhkai available. Been trying all the Mp3 sites.

  3. Loads of thanks for making this mellifluous song accessible 2us…can u help me reachng d song(re-mix) “addo anda paravaipol” frm Madrasi(starng arjun..)

  4. I heard this song’s music somewhere and from that day onwards, I wanted to know what song is this from. Finally one of my friend said this might be from the film Vazhkai, and finally I got it… Wow… made my day 🙂

  5. Thanks Manju…

    Your Blog about south Indian food is excellent.. Most importantly I love the photos used.. Is that taken by you?

  6. Thanks a lot for making this song available i was searching for very desperately but could not find it
    atlast i got it here.

    Thanks Revathi

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