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How to save rain water?

Since, TamilNadu announced that every individual buildings should have provision to rainwater harvesting, then I was keeping this in mind always and checking for every buiding that has this provision or not? 

I had a few ideas, well may be the proposed idea of the government  to do rain water harvesting. In southeren parts of india this issue is quite critical but, it seems that the steps taken towards it is quite pathetic. 

In the recent few days i was just searching for the economical ways to be eco-friendly, there by i just got plugged to my old thought of rain  water harvesting. 

Well, well, well,… what are  the methods that involves rain water harvesting and How? 

Here you go. 

How to Harvest Rainwater?Collect water from the rooftop.  

Draw it down from pipes.
Filter the water.
Store in a sump or tank for later use.
Charge the groundwater through a soak pit.
Lead the water into a well to increase ground water content.

In addition to the above mentioned simple steps are a few designs which is explained in this site. It is worth to have a click 

  I strongly believe in few things. On of  them is , inorder to clean your streets,  start cleaning your home first. So, which applies by saving water in day to day consumption, we will be in a position to reduce the criticality of this water crisis. So, below is the image which depicts the tips of saving water. 🙂

Tips for saving water
Tips for saving water




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