Spur at the moment

There is tremendous spur at the moment across Global Consulting services of IT industry like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, CTS that they have to provide a potential cross skilled individuals to the demanding market.

Being forecasting the demand, the Consulting services are taking necessary steps to meet its customer needs.

The actions can be taken in a variety number of ways and we will discuss here broadly on two major points

  1. Cross-Skill Middle-tier Layer of employees
  2. Enabling the senior/top/management to act proactively on the technology demand.

Elaborating on the first point. It is achieved by demanding every employee, to know various tools and technologies, to facilitate their work. They should be in a position to think forward the possibilities of minimizing redundant and manual effort.They be capable of using their skill to consider the capabilities and possibilities.

Elaborating on the second point. It is kind of tricky. Lets consider only the aspects of operational management. Nobody is denying the fact that operational mgmt is needed. But the Visibility of technical details in them is kind of under question. A project manager should be technically sound enough to forecast the needs of the project. As he would have overview of the project at a very early stage, he can lay down the road map. He can even provide a vision to the people under his hierarchy.

Eventually, there is a growth which is certainly need for the top consulting companies to talk technically and sound technical in their day to day customer interactions


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